Our treatments are of use for well-being and for anyone with chronic pain, injury and problems related to motion as well as those in need of weight management, spirometry, appropriate fitness instructions, diabetes guidance and other health related measures. Apart from our Doctor's PhD in Exercise and Endocrine Physiology, other qualifications that structure trustworthy proficiency at this newly opened practice include Health Profile Assessment, Health Promotion, Sport Coach, Sociology and Massage Therapy. As a result, we are adept in a wide range of treatments, and can tailor each service to the client’s needs and preferences. Click the links above and below to get a closer look of particular services.
Our Health Promotion and Health Profile Assessment packages include individual and corporate Occupational Health Screening and Fitness testing. Click here for more details.
We provide treatment and advice about:
# Back pain (including the mean one - Low Back Pain), Neck pain, shoulder pain, etc.
# Post orthopaedic rehabilitation and Sports injuries
# Specific prehab. and/or rehab. training programs (individually tailored)
# Soft tissue treatment eg. Electrotherapy, Stretching, etc.
# Weight loss and nutritional programs for prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
# Hydrotherapy sessions (medically-ordered, preventative or rehabilitative).
For a sportsperson, we are your reliable partner for injury preventative measures, enhancing performance and promoting your health. In short; Prehab and Rehabilitation denote our specialty. Just like sportsperson, these treatments can benefit a non-sportsperson too. Click here for more details.
Health Profile Assessment Packages
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General Treatments
Sports Performance & Injury Prevention Packages

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We collaborate with the Department of Physiology at the Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences (MUHAS)